CWC Weekly Schedule

Adult Sunday School: 10:00am
Morning Worship: 11:00am
Kid’s Church: 11:00am
Evening Worship: 6:00pm
Youth Group (6th grade & up): 7:00pm
Seniors: 6:30pm (every other week)
Prayer: 7:00pm
Men of Valor: 8:15am

The Vision of CWC

CWC believes that the call of GOD upon a church can only be fulfilled by creatively expanding the influence of the church. That influence or impact can be as creative as using the name of the church as a tool to get the attention of the world- and then sharing your real message.

The real message is that Jesus transforms lives and that through him anyone who believes will receive eternal life. Since our denomination is the Church of God (Cleveland, TN) and our town happens to have the name "Zillah", Christian Worship Center, the "Church of God-Zillah" was an attention-getting name and the church humorously exploited it to get people's attention. The chance to show the world that christians can have fun with something as simple as a name, afforded us many opportunities to share the real message at the same time, impacting the world before Jesus returns!

In order to answer the call that we believe God has on our congregation, it is necessary to have a base of operations that meets the larger need of the church to have a center of ministry. That center must be able to provide the needed space for worship as well as a facility for education and training for christian service. That has been a large part of the adventure.